IS SEO Really All That Important?

It is easy to overlook some of the most important concepts to include in online content. For example, you may not realize just how important SEO really is.

What is SEO and why does it matter so much? This is a common question people ask when they find out that it needs to be included in their web presence. Some who are new to the World Wide Web may not really know what it is. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it is a method of ensuring that web content is designed to be easily findable by the search engines. You may be wondering why this matters so much when you can simply give out your web address to potential customers. Is SEO really all that important? This is the question, and the answer is quite simple: yes, yes, and more yes. If you are not considering SEO in your web content, then you are hobbling yourself immensely.

The Purpose of SEO

To begin with, you need to have a good grasp of the actual purpose of SEO. When you do a web search, you will get thousands of results for virtually anything you choose to search. Those thousands of results are ranked. In other words, websites and blogs that are search engine optimized will get the most attention from search engines and will rank higher in the listings. The whole purpose of this is to ensure that your web content is somewhere close to the top of search engine results, preferably on the first page.

Consider the Reader

To get a better idea of just how important search engine optimization is, you must put yourself in the shoes of the reader. Most people will not know your web address or even if they do, they may be unsure that they have it right. Many people may not even know about your business. This means the vast majority of people will use a web search engine.

Consider the last time you searched for anything online. Did you go through pages and pages of results and then choose to click on result number 105? If you are like the vast majority of people, you did not. Instead, you clicked on the first few results. This is exactly what your potential customers or readers will do. Here is a statistic that you may find surprising: almost half of all clicks after a web search will be on the very first result. After the top three spots, the number of clicks drops drastically. If your website is number ten in the results, you can only expect about two percent of those searching for you to actually click on your link.

This is just how extremely important SEO is. Without optimizing your website, you will not rank very highly in the search engines. Keep in mind that the web crawlers for those engines are designed to look for keywords. You could be losing an extensive amount of business.

What Can You Do?

Now that you realize just how important SEO actually is, you may be wondering what to do in order to make changes to your site. It can be very scary when you realize how many readers you are missing out on because you have never considered search engine optimization. Here are some steps you will need to take:

  • Have a professional writer re-write your web content with SEO in mind.
  • Research keywords to determine what people look for the most. You need to include those keywords in your web content.
  • Ensure that SEO is kept in mind in all of your web content. This includes the website, blog, social media pages, and guest blogs.

Is SEO really all that important? There is no way to stress its importance enough. In fact, in this day of constantly changing technology, SEO is more important than ever to the success of your business and web presence.