What Is Geofencing?

Advantages of geofencing for your service

Geofencing is personalized
Over 70% of people choose advertising and marketing that is individualized in some way. With geofencing, you’re able to personalize your marketing to somebody based on their place, which enhances their possibilities of involving with your advertising and marketing message. 3 out of 4 consumers took an action after receiving a message when approaching a detailed location.

Geofencing produces valuable data
Past the temporary benefits of geofencing like bringing new people to your company, the innovation likewise allows you to accumulate data on consumers. In time, you can start to see patterns in which geofenced areas are most popular when individuals go into those areas, and for how long they stay.

This data equips you to create much more reliable advertising and marketing techniques gradually, so you can obtain specific concerning just how, where, and when you reach out to potential clients.

Tips for successful geofencing

Define (and also improve) the best geofence
The very first step in a successful geofencing advertising campaign is defining your geofence.

You wish to make certain you target an area:

With individuals who would certainly have an interest in your company.
Where individuals are close sufficient to take a trip to your business.
Where there’s a lot of individuals to target.

If your business is on a road where there’s not much foot or automobile website traffic, you could wish to increase your geofence to a grocery store that’s near you– or this is where a complementary company would enter play.

For instance, we collaborated with an apartment building that was looking to authorize more leases. They had a lot of present locals who worked at a nearby healthcare facility, so the apartment complex targeted the physicians’ car park with a geofenced ad highlighting the brief commute as well as consisted of a discount rate for health center workers. They were able to sign several brand-new leases therefore with renters that may never have driven near their location on their commute residence.